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What is rental car insurance?

Rental car insurance protects you against charges you may incur if your rental vehicle is damaged or stolen whilst in your care.

These charges can vary dramatically depending on where you’re travelling, the type of vehicle you’re hiring and the company you hire through - so it’s important you have the right cover in place to avoid being stung by the rental company.

Buying direct from means you get industry-leading car rental insurance for a snip of what you’ll pay at the rental desks.


Excess reimbursement

If you’re charged an excess fee by the rental company for damage or theft, we’ll reimburse you up to $10,000 depending on how much you’ve been charged – meaning you’re not left out of pocket!


Worldwide cover

Works in Australia, and beyond! Australian residents can get cover for both Australia and territories further afield. Not Australian? No worries - you can buy a policy to cover you for rentals in Australia.


Lots of vehicle types covered

We provide rental vehicle cover for cars, vans and motorhomes! Simply choose which vehicle types you’d like covered under your policy and we’ll add them to your quote – it is as simple as that.


Share the driving

Named drivers are automatically covered by your policy, however you can upgrade your policy to include ‘Family Member Cover’ – meaning you both have equal use of the policy if you travel independently.


More cover as standard

Unlike some excess insurance products offered by rental desks, our rental car policies cover damage to the roof, windscreen, undercarriage, tyres and wheels – as well as the rest of the bodywork - as standard.


A host of added benefits

Our policies also cover misfuelling, lock-out, car-jacking, hotel and travel expenses, restitution costs and drop-off fees as standard, with further options to upgrade in-purchase. Beat that, rental desks!


Do you require CDW?

In some territories such as the USA, an excess policy may not provide the cover you need. For those travelling to such regions we have full CDW policies available, providing up to $200,000 of cover.


Single trip & annual policies

We cover one-off’s and week’s off! Single trip policies are charged per day and are great for one-off trips. Annual policies provide cover for multiple rental agreements throughout a 12-month period.


Unsealed roads

Planning on driving off the beaten track? Not a problem! You can choose to cover unsealed roads at the click of a button, so you can rest assured you’ve got cover no matter where the road takes you!